How to Hire a Kitchen Remodeler for the first time

So you are ready to update that old kitchen and have an idea in your head of a new layout, but have no idea where to start.  The thought of hiring a contractor can be daunting to some. Especially if you do not have any experience in the construction industry.  Rest assured that there are plenty of professionals out there that are ready to help and below we have a few helpful guidelines to help you out.

  1. Have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish. Create a list and maybe create a rough drawing of how you would like the kitchen laid out.  Consider what you would like done in your kitchen. Common kitchen remodels can include but is not limited to new floors, cabinets, countertops, appliances, or installing an island.
  2. Reach out to contractors and start on the bidding process.  In most cases it’s a good idea to obtain at least 3 estimates from contractors. Make sure that all estimates are considering the same scope of work. Keep in mind that the least costly of the bids isn’t always the best. Factors such as materials and craftsmanship can make the difference in the estimate.
  3. Always make sure you get your estimate in writing and do not let work start without a written and signed contract. The contract should contain a detailed description of the work to be performed, any costs for materials, start and end dates of the project , and any warranties associated with your project.
  4. Arrange a payment schedule and do not pay in cash. Your payments should be made by check, written out to the company ,or use a credit card. Stagger the payments throughout the project and schedule your last payment for when the job is complete.
  5. Keep in mind any future work.  Often times people find other things around the house that need attention. It’s never too late to add a little work to the scope of the project.
  6. Once you have successfully remodeled your kitchen hold on to your contract. It is not uncommon for the contractor to perform additional work to help maintain the property. Keeping the contract will also help if you have any questions after work is complete.

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