Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Is there a leaky faucet you have just been putting off? Have your energy bills been a little higher than normal? Well, there are probably some home repairs you need to attend to. Below you will find 8 home repairs you should never put off. Continue reading to find out how you can improve the look and functionality of your home today!

Repair #1Caulking

Caulking is often a job that is overlooked until you notice water leaking in through a window. If it has been over a year or two, do a walk around to see if you need to replace it! It is relatively easy and cheap to caulk windows, showers, and doors! Fresh caulk will improve the appearance of a bathroom or window and may even cut down your energy bill. Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient while preventing carbon pollution. These simple fixes can provide up to a 10% savings on your annual energy bills.

Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Repair #2Replacing HVAC & Vent Filter

We are all wearing masks in today’s day and age, so put one on and replace your HVAC and vent filters. Old, dirty HVAC filters will make your air conditioning system work harder than it should, which can shorten its lifespan, lower efficiency, and raise electricity costs. You should typically replace your HVAC filter every month or two. Just a few bucks will lower your utility bills and extend your HVAC system’s usability. Likewise (and perhaps more important for personal health), you should replace the air vent filters that allow temperate air to flow through your home. Indoor air pollution can irritate the lungs and agitate allergies, replace your air vent filter every month or two (especially if you live with pets or in a high pollen area).

Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Repair #3Pests

Ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, and everything in between are more than an unpleasant site; pests can lead to serious home integrity and personal health issues. Once you begin to notice pests, you want to prioritize getting rid of them. Rodents are known to carry disease, ants can quickly multiply to populate the entirety of your home, and termites can cause serious structural damage to your property. Delaying getting rid of pests just worsens the problem, act quickly!

Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Repair #4Leaks

According to the EPA, A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. Every drop is a few cents! If you don’t have any noticeable leaks, but your water bill is still high, it is worth it to take a look around the house. One way to check for hidden leaks is to monitor your water meter. Check your water meter before and after a two-hour period when water isn’t being used. If the meter reading changes between these two time periods, you may have a leak. Some other common indications of hidden leaks include damp walls and mold growth, weak water pressure, pavement cracks, and abnormally expensive water bills.

Repair #5Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Removing lint from the lint trap is a habit that has become second-nature for many of us. It is suggested to remove this lint from your dryer every time after a laundry load is complete. However, did you know that you are supposed to clean out your dryer vent at least once a year? Clean your dryer vent if you notice a burning smell, your laundry is taking longer than usual to dry, or the vent hood does not open. An unobstructed dryer vent not only drastically reduces the chance of an at-home fire but improves appliance efficiency, increases the longevity of your dryer, prevents mold growth, and can lower your monthly electric bills. Check out our article on why you should clean your dryer vent.

Repair #6Chipped & Peeling Paint

A home is not beautiful without a fresh coat of paint! Chipped, peeling, and old paint can promote rot growth, decrease indoor air quality, reduce perceived property value, and is generally unattractive. Painting is perhaps the least expensive, easiest, and most impactful home improvement project. A fresh coat of interior and exterior paint will not only give you immediate health benefits, like improved air quality and a fresh change of appearance, but also potentially boost property value (by 2-5%)and make your home easier to sell in the future.

Repair #7Roof Damages

Once you notice roof damage, you will want to fix the problem quickly. Even a few missing shingles can lead to a big issue down the line. An unprotected portion of the roof can invite unwanted water which will quickly develop into mold or structural problems. Also, it will leave your home uninsulated, adding extra heat or coldness into your home. Hire a professional to patch up your roof damages immediately when you find them.

Repair #8Water Spots (or is mold?)

Water stains are an indication of a water problem (which makes it possible for further mold growth). Unfortunately, not all water damage is easily visible. Water damage can be present within walls, underneath floors, and on ceilings. Evidence of small, ongoing leaks may not be visible until the mold has begun growing. Still, there are a few things to look out for: peeling or bubbling wallpaper & paints, curling or bubbling vinyl flooring warped wooden floors, yellow, brown, or copper-colored stains. Irregular stains may be an indication of mold growth. Some molds stain the surface on which the mold is growing, which leaves a black or blue-black colored stain. Mold growth will cause further damage to the material it is growing on and can ruin wood integrity.

Home Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Design Feature #9Blocked & Improper Drainage

Clogged gutters and downspouts may just seem like a typical home chore, but if you let it build-up, it may impact your home’s structural integrity or wreak havoc on your yard. Be sure to also check on your drainage too. Sometimes, homes are built improperly and the grading of your yard could be causing water from the gutter to be drained out in an unfavorable direction, like in your yard causing it to flood. Make certain that your drainage is pointed in the way that water will flow to a drain!


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