Getting a new roof? Read this first.

On average a typical roof should last about 20 to 25 years before a replacement is needed, so is it really time for a new roof? Sometimes a roof can reach the end of its lifetime without any roof failures. If it just looks worn and you have been properly maintaining the roof you may not see any signs outside of the roof looking worn out and old. If you delay replacing your roof it may result in larger issues down the road.

There are some telling signs that your roof is in need of replacement that you may want to take a look at. Not all of them will be obvious signs so take special care when examining your roof top.

Wind damage

A wind damaged roof will have exposed areas on the roof that may be difficult to see. If some shingles have been lifted by the wind it may have loosened the sealant or nails. Having multiple areas affected means it may be time for a roof replacement.

Exposed nails

If you are seeing exposed nails then know that this can lead to rust and a leaking roof.


Curling shingles can be caused by old age, improper installation, a layered roof, or poor ventilation from the attic. If your shingles arte curled its recommended that you have your roof checked out as soon as you can.

Hail damage

If you have large hailstones hitting your roof it can cause damage to the shingles. This damage can be punctures or tears, more commonly it can result in the loss of granules on the shingles. Once the granules start to come off and the sun beats down on them over time, the shingles begin to break down. The damage may not be noticeable right away, so if you suspect hail damage get a roof inspection.


If you have a leaking roof you should get it fixed immediately. A leaking roof can lead to much more damage and even lead to the loss of structural integrity.

Aging roof

If your neighbors’ homes were built around the same time as yours and you see your neighbors getting their roofs replaced. It’s a sign that your roof may be near the end of its life.

If it is time for a new roof keep in mind that it is very easy to get an estimate. It is important to compare estimates, it is equally important that you do not overdo it. Having too many estimates can be confusing because there are just too many choices.  It is good practice to get 3 estimates. This will give you a good idea of what a fair and average cost is while not overwhelming you with too many choices.

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