Flooring suggestions – Should you Pick Hardwood or Tile

Picking a type of floor can be a matter of taste but there is also a matter of practicality involved. Here we will take a look at some of the different advantages of a hardwood floor versus a tile floor.

Going with a hardwood floor can easily enhance the way your home looks and feels. Some people believe that a hardwood floor can make their home more spacious and that it gives off an inviting feeling. They are also low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.  In fact both hardwood and tiled floors are easily cleaned.

The durability of a hardwood floor is one of the main reasons homeowners upgrade to solid wood flooring. Yes, they can be dented and scratched but not as easily as some might think. With a hardwood floor the dents can be filled and the scratches can be refinished. Tile floors are durable as well but they can break if a heavy object is dropped and you can’t refinish a broken tile.

Both Tile and hardwood floors add value to your home. An attractive hardwood or tiled floor can add thousands to the resale value of your home when compared to a carpeted floor. They both offer better air quality as well. Neither a hardwood or tile floor traps dust like a carpet. So it can improve the health of those that live in the house.

A hard wood floor can also improve the acoustics of a room. The wood will help reduce vibrations and hollow sounds that can occur. With a tile floor you may be more prone to an echo and will need the room to have upholstered items and/or some type of carpeting to dampen the echo.

In the long run it may come down to a personal preference when it comes to what type of floor you get.

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