5 Ways to Make The Most out of Your Garage

5 Ways to Make The Most out of Your Garage

Ah, the garage…the enigma of the home. For some homeowners, the garage is nothing more than an extra storage space for seldomly used items, while for others it just serves as a place to safely park your vehicles. What purpose does your garage serve and are you happy with its current state? You’d be surprised how usable and functional your garage can become with a little bit of elbow grease and a sprinkle of inventiveness. With everyone spending a little more time at home than usual, we can all use a little more space in our life. That why we thought it would be useful to supply you with 5 ways to make the most out of your garage. Your dreams of having a man cave, home gym, or multipurpose area are just a few hours away.

Suggestion #1Clean & Rid of Clutter

The least enjoyable suggestion of this article: cleaning. Hopefully, your garage doesn’t look like the picture to right, but if it does—don’t be intimidated! Think about cleaning logically and really assess the items in your garage, do you need all of the items? More than likely there are things that you can get rid of or donate. Divide your cleaning and organization into three categories: things you need to keep, things that might be better off in storage or you aren’t quite ready to part ways with, and things you can donate or throw away.

messy garage

Suggestion #2Organize & Define Spaces

Make the most out of your home and use every inch of your garage! When you are done spring cleaning your garage, and you have all the items you need, its time to start organizing. Put your container, racks, and other storage tools against the walls and organize accordingly. Put off-season tools in the right place and keep similar items together. If you lack the proper organizational equipment, consider buying racks, hangars, shelves, and drawers. Buy used items from goodwill or an online marketplace or build some basic storage to save money! Once you have everything organized, plan out what you want to use your garage for and define some spaces. For example, set up half of your garage for just your car and split it in half with a workbench to leave the other side for tools, work out equipment, a TV & couch, or whatever your heart desires.

Suggestion #3Portable Heating, A/C, & Insulation

When homes are built, architects will almost always avoid insulating a garage to cut costs. The garage is usually not built to be a livable space, but that does not mean it can’t become one! Does your garage stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer? More than likely, not. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your garage, it is worth it to invest in insulation. Insulation will keep your garage far more temperate and comfortable year-round, compared to garages without insulation. Best of all, it might even add a bit more value and selling potential to your home. During adverse weather, the garage becomes a safe haven for handiwork—what usually can be done outside might become too difficult due to cold weather, wind, rain, snow, etc. If you don’t want to add insulation, a space heater might be just the right thing to keep you warm. Vice versa, if the hot summer months are unbearable, then investing in a small portable A/C will make your garage just as comfortable as the inside of your home.

Suggestion #4Wi-Fi & Electronics

Everything in today’s day and age seems to be connected to the internet. The garage is notorious for having poor wi-fi connection. If your garage is part of this majority and are planning on spending a lot of time in there, then you might want to consider adding a Wi-Fi enhancer/booster in your garage. It will amplify your router’s signal to supply your garage space with adequate wi-fi. This will be especially beneficial if you plan on adding a TV, Roku, gaming system or other electronics.


Suggestion #5New Flooring

Last but not least, consider updating your flooring. This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. If your floor is in good shape you can dramatically change the look of your garage by adding a fresh coat of paint! Just power wash the floor and fill in any cracks with a simple mortar repair putty/compound and paint over! Likewise, an inexpensive alternative to concrete flooring are rubber gym-style rubber floor tiles. Rubber tiles interlock, are easy to install/disassemble, and are both comfortable and durable. Additionally, they are easy to clean, hide stains, and insulate sound. Finally, one of the best options that will add value to your garage space is epoxy. Epoxy Flooring is industrial-strength resinous flooring that adds traction underfoot, reduces static buildup, is strong enough to handle any weight, and come in a variety of colors/shades.


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