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electrical contractors Santa Clarita, CA THE NERVOUS SYSTEM OF YOUR HOME

Your body sends electric messages throughout your nervous systems millions of times a day to keep you functioning in tip-top shape. In a similar manner, the hundreds of feet of wiring is working in a fine and intricate balance to constantly send electricity to all parts of your home to keep you content with the pleasures of modern life. All it takes is a small malfunction to make it feel like you are back in the stone age. The fact of the matter is that electricity is a fundamentally essential part of our society. When the electricity is out, you can’t complete basic tasks like writing emails or preserve food. That’s why it is so important to get your electricity back up and running quickly. From basic electrical panel upgrades to emergency assistance, our experienced electricians can help you repair and improve the functionality of your home.


The electrical systems in a home are usually ignored by most people – until something goes wrong, at least. It pays off to hire electrician services to make some electrical upgrades to your home sooner rather than later. When an electrical contractor modernizes your home’s electrical system, it creates real, life changing advantages that will improve your daily life immediately. From raising property value to making your residence safe, investing in modern electrical wiring and/or maintaining your existing system brings you five key advantages.


    When electric system maintenance falls behind, there is a risk that frayed wires and other issues can create fire hazards. Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly than 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. It’s important for your safety that an electrician does yearly routine checkups to make sure all your electrical wiring is working properly.

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    New safety standards may have been implemented since your home electrical system was installed or updated last. Performing an electrical upgrade can help bring your home’s wiring back in line with current building codes. This is especially important if you’re preparing to rent or sell the home to someone else. Building code violations such as outdated electrical systems can block a sale or rental agreement from being completed.

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    Almost everything we interact with now runs on electricity. New appliances and devices are sucking up more electricity than ever before. If your home electrical system can’t keep up with the power demands of your home appliances, you could be faced with frequent circuit breaker trips and increased risk of an electrical fire as circuits in the system overload. Upgrading electrical systems to be able to take the load is essential, especially in an older home that wasn’t designed with modern power demands in mind.

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    Say you want to move your TV to a different wall, but there aren’t any outlets near where you want to put it? Surely we have all run into this problem at one point in time. Maybe the house is old enough that electrical outlets weren’t a major concern or the designer had a specific layout in mind that you don’t want to conform to. Updating your electrical system allows you to enjoy more electrical connections and spend less time plugging in and unplugging.

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    It’s often easier to carry out electrical system upgrades when walls and other parts of the building are already being taken apart for other updates or as part of a new layout. When you are taking on a new remodeling project, consider upgrading your electrical system, you will save some time and slash labor costs.

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Although wiring can last many years, there will come a point where you will need an upgrade or else you are potentially putting the safety of your personal belongings and family at risk. Take a look below to find out what are four common signs that your home may need rewiring or an upgrade.

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    Dimming Lights

    Are you experiencing frequently dimming lights in your home. This may mean that certain wires are not receiving enough electricity or are losing it in the transmission process. Either way, these are clear indications that wiring must be replaced.

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    Outlets Hot to the Touch

    Your outlets shouldn’t be feeling hot when you’re using them. Hot outlets are a sign of faulty wiring and if you don’t do anything about them soon, you’ll be putting your home at risk for an electrical fire.

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    Aluminum Wiring

    It can be hard to know if you have aluminum wiring, so be sure to check your homes records and construction date. Aluminum wiring was popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s, however aluminum wiring is now considered unsafe and outdated. This type of wiring is prone to contracting and expanding during seasonal temperature changes, leading to looser connections and a higher chance of a fire. Call a trusted electrician to inspect your wiring to let you know if you have aluminum, and if need be, immediately switch it to copper.

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    Burning Smell

    This is perhaps the most obvious sign, if you smell something giving off a burning smell, give your wiring a check immediately. It may just indicate a fire is well on its way to spreading. Conduct a full inspection around your home to determine where the smell is coming from before calling for electrical rewiring service.


Sometimes, homeowners try to take on electrical repairs and installations on their own, only to find out that the simple repair project they thought could undertake is rather difficult. This can result in frustration, extended time commitments, improper repairs, and potentially cause (further) damage to your home. Avoid costly mistakes and let an electrician update and improve your home the right way. Our electrical contractors are officially trained, educated, and certified to address a wide range of complications. When it comes to DIY friendliness, electrical work is considered very difficult. It takes many hours of training and studying to become a competent electrician. That’s why we suggest hiring an experienced professional. They can tell you what can be fixed and what needs replacement. Every electrical contractor in our network has spent years practicing and refining their craft, making them the most trusted electricians in the business. These pros know how to spot out issues that reduce efficiency and can advise on areas of your electrical system that might present you problems in the future. Beyond this, they can provide you guidance on new appliances and the best ways to improve your home’s current electric situation in a cost-friendly manner.

SERVICES WE OFFER in Santa Clarita.

We handle all types and kinds of electrician services. No matter if you just want to upgrade your electrical panel, develop a new property, add lighting to your landscape, or need immediate emergency assistance to bring your home’s electricity back online quickly—we are your one stop shop for plumbing support. We can’t list every specific type of plumbing service out there, but below are some common jobs our electricians take care of on a daily basis:

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    Emergency Assistance

    The electricians in our network are ready around the clock to help those affected by electrical system malfunctions. We are ready to be at your door to resolve your electrical emergency in the most expedient, cost-effective and least invasive manner possible. We cover a wide range of emergency services, from short circuits to repairing frayed wiring to replacing electrical sockets, we do it all. Electrical issues cause problems quickly when left unattended, be sure to act quickly and call a certified electrician.

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    Electrical Panel Upgrade

    The purpose of an electrical panel is to connect all circuits within a home. It is the place where the big wires from the electrical company get divided into many smaller branches, ultimately providing your home power. When too much power flows through these, the heat can cause them to melt. A situation like this can even start a fire. In other cases, anyone touching a wire could experience an electric shock. As you hook up more electronic devices to your home, you will need to upgrade your electrical panel. Older panels cannot handle the amount of energy required by many modern day electronics.

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    The primary reason to rewire is for safety. For example, homes built before 1950 utilized cloth insulation, which is a fire hazard. Also Many houses built or renovated during 1960s-1970s have an aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring, which not only makes the electrical lines inefficient, but also presented fire hazards. If your home was built during these time periods, consider having an inspection done to boost your home’s efficiency and safety.

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    Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor lights add an extra layer of security to your home, illuminating otherwise dark surroundings. Our electricians can help you design a lighting system that meets all of your needs. We install and maintain floodlights, spotlights, motion sensor lighting, and more!

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    New Development & Home Additions in Santa Clarita, CA.

    Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have become a popular home improvement project as it allows for inexpensive housing for tenants and rental income for land owners. The electrical contractors in our network are experienced in working with construction crews and install state-of-the-art wiring in new homes often. Whether you purchased a ‘fixer upper’ or are building a new home from scratch, our electricians are experts in new home development.

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    Commercial Services

    We also support commercial and industrial electrical repair, servicing, and installation projects. The steps we take to clean up your business space isn’t much different than your home. But as a business owner, dealing with damage or setting time aside to maintain your electrical system in your work space can seem like more of a headache. That is why we make sure to work quickly and efficiently to get your company back up and running in no time, ensuring minimal or no loss in revenue. We can handle jobs of all sizes and are comfortable in working in a variety of different work spaces such as malls, clinics, factories, and hangars.


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