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Isn’t it refreshing when you walk into your cool home on a hot Summer day? Temperature control is a modern-day luxury that many of us forget about… until the air conditioning machine is not working! In the home improvement business, we often use the term, ‘HVAC’, to describe anything related to indoor air (short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This is the technology that regulates and controls indoor environmental comfort. Its primary goal is to provide you comfortable and reliable heating or cooling. However, HVAC also plays an important role in promoting a healthy home for you and your family. Well-maintained HVAC systems keep humidity levels stable, which helps prevent mold growth, and filters out harmful pollutants to supply your home with fresh indoor air quality.

Here at PoweredByPros, we have many years of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning knowledge. It takes a fine balance between electrical, engineering, and general maintenance skills to ensure HVAC control systems are properly operating. That’s why we only employ veteran HVAC contractors. Our premium, but budget-friendly services have helped thousands of American homeowners install, service, and enjoy new air conditioning systems. No matter how large of a project you have in mind or how difficult of a repair it may seem, our crews have seen it all. Whether its a new building design, a performance tune-up, or time for a system upgrade—the expert professionals employed by our company guarantee , comprehensive, and high-quality service that will solve any type of HVAC project in a timely manner.


A good, well-functioning Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system inside your home supplies you and your family with an abundance of benefits. These are real, life changing advantages that will begin making an impact in your life immediately. Take a look below to discover the top five reasons to invest in a new, energy efficient system or continue performance maintenance checks.


    According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 9,000 Americans die due to heat related illnesses. Some of these people may have been able to live longer lives had they had adequate HVAC systems. Proper HVAC systems not only supply you home with cool air, but filter out microscopic toxins that agitate and deteriorate your health. Circulating clean, safe air in an enclosed space is especially important for those with asthma and allergies.


    Your money should be spent on necessities and personal enjoyment, not being sucked up by massive utility bills. Modern and well-maintained HVAC systems are efficient, meaning it requires less energy (electricity) to change the temperature in your home to a comfortable level. With inefficient A/C units, you are always at risk of paying high energy bills. So, if it is time for an upgrade, consider an Energy Star Certified unit. It will save you money over time!


    Overtime, everything deteriorates. Heat and humidity is any home’s worst enemy. Hot or moist conditions can degrade your home’s integrity, appliances, and furniture. Electrical devices and appliances are at risk of overheating. While excess moisture can warp wood and cause mold to develop in furniture (many times going unnoticed). A good A/C system keeps conditions temperate, ensuring that the integrity of your prized possessions last longer.


    Various studies indicate that sleeping in a cool room between 60-70 degrees promotes the production of Melatonin, your body’s natural sleeping hormone. At this temperature, you will be able to sleep longer and deeper. Hot summer nights lead to restless sleep and lower the amount of REM cycles each night. An A/C that will keep your room in the preferable temperature range of 60-70 degree ultimately will help you fall asleep faster and help you feel energized when you wake up.


    Climate change is causing many states in the U.S to offer rebates to households who invest in energy efficient air conditioning systems. The U.S Government provides extra savings and tax rebates depending on the size of the unit. If you are investing in an efficient model, you are both saving on monthly utility costs and putting less stress on your state’s energy grid, which makes your local government very happy!


With so many options on the market, it can seem like a challenge to decide which HVAC system is the best choice for your home. If you are considering a potential upgrade, take a look below to learn more the four most popular systems in the market.

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    Heating and Cooling Split Systems

    These are the most common types of temperature control units in America and are widely used because they are easy to replace and maintain. As the name would imply, the system is split between two main units, one for heating and one for cooling. These types of HVAC units have a cooling system outside, which uses refrigerant, compressors and coils to cool air, and a fan to blow out hot air. a heater, usually located in a basement or other storage space, which uses gas to heat the house. This is dispersed by either a fan, or evaporator to circulate the air. This system uses a traditional thermostat to manage the temperature, and is able to keep most houses at your desired temperature. Most units are also packaged with purifiers, and humidifiers so no matter the weather your house or workplace is kept comfortable.

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    Hybrid Split System

    These systems are on the rise due to their ability to lower energy costs through their electric hybrid heating system, making them a great buy for those eco-friendly homeowners who want to save money. The hybrid ability allows users to switch between gas power, which is quicker and more complete, to electric, which is more efficient and quieter, allowing homeowners to decide how they want to heat their home. These systems are great for homes located in mild climates, where there is little need for quick cooling or heating.

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    Duct Free (Mini-Split)

    A duct-free, or mini-split system is a unique system with larger upfront costs, but big benefits for certain needs and applications. These types of HVAC units are individual units in each room, providing greater independent control. These units are mounted on walls indoors, and are usually attached to an outdoor compressor. This installation process can be expensive, and is visually obvious in each room. These units are perfect for new additions to homes, such as garages and ADUs because it is easier to install, and allows independent control of the unit. They work exceptionally well for hotel or business owners as it allows for guests to individually control the temperature. Also, there is minimal wasted energy, as you only heat or cool rooms that are in use.

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    Packaged Heating and Air

    Packaged Heating and Air is the least common HVAC system type. The system is a contained heating and air unit, that is stored within the house. It is usually kept in an attic or top floor storage space, and serves to both cool and heat a house. Its compact size makes it useful for smaller spaces or houses, and allows it to be placed within the home if an exterior is not an option. These types of HVAC systems are also able to be very efficient, and easily maintained. They are generally used in warmer climates, since the heating system is not as powerful as other options. The heat is generally electrically generated,


Sometimes, homeowners try to take on HVAC repairs and installation on their own, only to find out that working with such equipment is rather difficult. This can result in frustration, extended time commitments, improper repairs, and potentially cause (further) damage to your HVAC system. It makes sense why repairing A/C systems is generally not considered a DIY friendly job. Many HVAC specialists usually are trained and educated to understand how HVAC systems work. Most HVAC contractors attend schooling, trained as technicians, and have certifications that highlight their ability to address a wide range of HVAC complications. There are times when it makes sense to handle small issues on your own, such as replacing the coolant, but trying to solve internal mechanical failures are usually problems that are beyond typical homeowner expertise. That’s why we suggest hiring an experienced professional. They can tell you what can be fixed and what needs replacement. Every contractor in our network has spent years practicing and refining their craft, making them the most trusted HVAC specialists in the business. These pros know how to spot out issues that reduce A/C efficiency and can advise on areas of your system that might present you problems in the future. Beyond this, they can break down what distinguishes each type of HVAC system, helping narrow down which new option works best for your home and needs.


We handle all types and kinds of HVAC services. No matter if you just want a general inspection, looking to clean out drip pans , or need immediate emergency assistance to repair a broken system—we are your one stop shop for HVAC support. We can’t list every specific type, but below are some common HVAC services we provide:

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    Emergency Assistance

    The specialists in our network are ready around the clock to help those affected by HVAC system malfunctions. With a swift and quick response, when you contact us, you will be connected to a highly-qualified pro in your area who will be at your door and supplying you with healthy, comfortable air in no time.

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    Duct Cleaning & Sealing

    The duct-work of your home acts as a circulatory system and circulates heated or cold air to keep your home comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. When ducts are obstructed or have leaks, it can cause your system to lose efficiency, running up your energy bill and increasing wear and tear on your HVAC unit. Faulty ducts can leak as much as 25% of the warm or cool air produced by your heating and cooling system. We can inspect, clean, and repair your duct-work. The cost of repairing your duct-work outweighs the risk of neglecting it.

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    Indoor Air Quality

    An efficient HVAC system in your home is an essential part of maintaining good indoor air quality and protecting your health. We can assess your indoor air quality and provide services to reduce or eliminate the circulation of these toxins.

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    (General) HVAC Installation & Servicing

    Our general service include installing and repairing all four types of HVAC systems. Common jobs include but not limited to, cleaning or replacing standard air filters, inspecting the inside cooling coil, inspecting the primary and secondary drains, cleaning and testing condensate drain Inspecting blower components and condenser coil, lubricating all moving parts, inspecting and tightening all loose electrical connections, and monitoring air conditioner operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge.

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    Heat Pump Services

    Heat pumps are gaining popularity because they are an environmentally friendly option that requires less energy to warm your home. These machine are more complex than standard HVAC and require special tools and training. From replacing condensers to aligning belts to checking electrical connections, our HVAC specialists are also highly prepared to handle all things related to heat pumps.

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    Commercial Services

    We also support commercial and industrial water HVAC repair, servicing, and installation projects. The steps we take to clean up your business space isn’t much different than your home. But as a property owner, dealing with damage or setting time aside to maintain your A/C in your business space can seem like more of a headache. We make sure to work quickly and efficiently to get your company back up and running in no time, ensuring minimal loss in revenue.


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